Saturday, March 31, 2012


With the theme of “found footage” movies, I give you Trollhunter.

The plot is relatively simple.  We follow three college students (Thomas, Johanna & Kalle) as they make a documentary about an alleged bear poacher.  By asking around, they’re able to find out who is responsible: a man named Hans, who seems to be acting alone.  They try to interview him, but he keeps brushing them off. 

One night, they follow him into the woods.  Off in the distance they see flashing lights and hear a loud growl.  Hans comes running towards them screaming, “Troll!”  Thomas is bit, and they all end up getting into Hans’ jeep and taking off.
He sits down with them and tells them that he hunts trolls for a government agency (TSS: Troll Security Service).  He tells them that trolls can sense the blood of Christians.  He tells them that UV light kills trolls: sometimes they turn to stone, and sometimes they just explode.

He allows the students to follow him around, on the grounds that he hates his job, and that the public deserves to know the truth.

They ride around with Hans and observe him dealing with trolls.  Throughout these trips, he tells them how he got into the business, and when it all started to go south for him.  They also run into Finn, who also works at TSS, and is none too thrilled that Hans is allowing these students in on their secret.  Finn threatens the students, telling them that he will never allow them to keep the footage.  With each encounter he grows increasingly more hostile.
We also find out that the troll that bit Thomas had rabies, and that the majority of the trolls in the area have been infected by a rabid Jotnar: a 200 foot tall mountain troll.  So Hans and the students go to take down the Jotnar.

It was a well-done movie.  A little slow at times, but that’s pretty common in a found footage movie.  It was pretty funny at times, too.  A dark, dry sense of humor, but it was there all the same. 

The special effects were surprisingly good, considering this movie was not made on a huge budget ($3 million, from what I’ve seen).  The trolls looked pretty good.  Their movements were a bit choppy at times, but it never distracted from the movie.

It was a highly enjoyable movie, start to finish.

Rating: 4/5

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