Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday the 13th: The Intro

After Christmas, I bought a pack of the first four Friday the 13th movies.  And then I bought Jason X separately (because all the movies in between are pretty much the same, but Jason X is pretty awesome).  So I’m working my way through them.  Since most of these movies are pretty much the same, I’m guessing these reviews will all be pretty short, and will be comprised mainly of me questioning the decision-making of these randy teens.

So we’ll go through them together.  But I’ll do something different with this series, since I doubt I’ll have much interesting to say about them (as opposed to most of my reviews, which are great founts of wisdom).  Instead of just a straight review with things I liked or didn’t like, I’ll try some sort of “live blog” attempt with these.  I’ll follow the characters, and you can follow along with me.  We’ll chart their lives, their conquests, and their deaths.

One of the reasons I thought this might be a fun little exercise is because it's an early example of the conventions that are all too familiar throughout slasher movies.  Halloween came first (and is a vastly superior film) and Friday the 13th definitely borrowed (or stole) from it, but I have already reviewed the Halloween series.  Besides, they both really helped to popularize the genre, and made it take off in a way that it hadn't done previously.  The "horror movie rules" (as made so popular in Scream) find their birthplace in Halloween and Friday the 13th.  So I thought it might be fun to go through and watch this series and write about it as it's happening.  

This may be one of those things that sounds great in my head but will be executed horribly.  But, since I only have a couple people who actually read this thing, I’m not in any real danger of alienating anyone.

Coming up tonight: the original Friday the 13th.

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