Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIEner, Dead End

DIEner (Get it?)

Netflix thought I would give this movie 4 stars.  And, since it was instant watch, I thought I would give it a shot.  I was immediately turned off by the title.  Yes...it's actually called DIEner (Get It?).  They gave their movie a somewhat clever name, then ruined it by pointing out how clever they thought it was.  Thankfully I was able to get past the title and watch the movie for what it was.
What it is is a low-budget zombie movie revolving around two unhappily married people, a serial killer, and a handful of zombies.  The movie starts with the serial killer killing the cook and waitress in a lonely diner.  Before he can leave, the unhappily married couple comes in, and he pretends to be their waiter as he plans to kill them.  His plans are thwarted by a cop...but things take a turn when the dead cook comes wandering out of the kitchen.  Before too long, there's a full-blown zombie-outbreak.  The serial killer and the couple (now knowing who he is) try to hold off the zombies, and the couple tries to find a way to get away from the serial killer.
It's not a terrible movie.  Overall, I enjoyed it.  I did have a few problems with it, though.  The serial killer character was the biggest one.  He was pretty funny, and genuinely likable most of the time...but there are times when they tried to make him too funny...too clever.  It got a little old after a while.  The movie was only 76 minutes long, which was a good length.  Much longer and it would've gotten really old.  As it was, it was an enjoyable movie.  Good, but not great.

Rating: 3 stars

Dead End

This is a movie that was suggested to me by a couple of friends.  Beyond the fact that it starred Ray Wise, I knew nothing about this movie.
Short synopsis: a family traveling to visit relatives during Christmas.  The father decides to take a "scenic route" to the relative's house, and ends up on a seemingly endless stretch of road.  They come across a woman in a white dress, holding a baby, and they pick her up.  Soon after that, people start dying.
The family was trapped on this road, and a series of horrific deaths kept taking place, picking off the family one-by-one.  Every time a family member died, a hearse drove by with that person in the back of the hearse.
Basically, it was a haunted house movie...only instead of being trapped in a house, they were trapped on an unending road.
I liked it.  It was done extremely well, and they mixed in a healthy amount of dark humor.  The only downside was the fact that there was a twist at the end...but I could see it coming from a mile away.  I'll deduct a star for that...but that was really the only thing I didn't like about the movie.  This is definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 4 stars

I had another idea for a DJ name.  DJ Samedi, after Baron Samedi in Sugar Hill.  Thoughts?

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