Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hills Have Eyes, Jennifer's Body, Night of the Demons

The Hills Have Eyes

In keeping with the whole "inbred cannibal" theme, I went with this movie.  In this case, "inbred" isn't really accurate.  Sure, this family has deformities, but it's due to the nuclear testing site that they were living on.  Still, they're crazed cannibals, so it still kind of fits in with the theme of Wrong Turn.
A family is driving through the desert when their tires are blown by a strip of nails thrown down by one of the deformed cannibals.  The family, of course, has no idea what caused the blow-out, so they don't know that they should be cautious.  Of course, members of the family go in different directions to try to find help.  The cannibals descend on the Airstream trailer, and begin picking off the family members (there is an especially grisly and long rape scene).  They steal a baby, and the family fights back.  Some of them make it out alive, but most of them die.
I enjoyed it.  Liked, but didn't love.

Rating: 4 stars

Jennifer's Body

I had heard terrible, terrible things about this movie, so I went in with extremely lowered expectations.  Maybe that helped.  (Something else that helped?  A pint of Trader Joe's Vintage Ale.)
As it turns out, I really liked this movie.  Yeah, it was a little cheesy, but, for the most part, it was pretty good.  I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Brody's Satanic indie rocker.  I thoroughly enjoyed Amanda Seyfried playing the bookish best friend.  I thoroughly enjoyed the fact the J.K. Simmons was in it.  And, of course, I thoroughly enjoyed Megan Fox as a man-eating demon.
Was it the best movie of all time?  No.  And maybe I was just in the right mood to watch it, but I really liked this movie.

Rating: 4 stars

Night of the Demons

I hadn't really heard much about this, but it showed up on my Netflix recommendations.  From watching Undeclared, I'm a big fan of Monica Keena, so I thought I would check this one out.
Some college kids throw a party in an old mansion that is something of a local legend.  The party gets broken up by the cops, but a handful of kids stay behind.  They go to the basement and find a bunch of skeletons.  One of them bites a girl, and she is quickly overtaken by a demon.  Much like zombies, if the demon bites (or kisses) another person, then they will also be overtaken by a demon.  So the demon spreads, and slowly most of the group is taken over by demons.  The three remaining humans try to fend off the demons throughout the night (they find that if they survive until daylight, they'll be free of the demons...but, if they don't, then the world will be overtaken by these demons).  So the humans fight the demons for the remainder of the movie.
It was a fun movie.  Not great, but enjoyable.  Also, it has a fantastic soundtrack.

Random actor sighting: Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong

Rating: 3 stars

I finished three remixes, and you can listen to them here.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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