Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Description from Netflix:
Resurrected from the depths of hell, Freddy returns to kill the remaining teens on Elm Street.  But even after he murders the last kid, Freddy still isn't satisfied and looks for other ways to continue his sinister murdering spree.  He soon discovers the perfect person for him to victimize: Alice, a girl gifted with the special power of bringing other people into her dreams.

Notable actors: Robert Englund

My thoughts:
In the last film, they didn't really talk about how he came back.  They actually show how he was resurrected in this one, although perhaps they should've left it out.  A dog urinates fire onto his grave, and that uncovers him and allows him to continue his murdering ways.  First up are the last of the three Elm Street kids: Kristen, Kincaid and Joey.  Kristen's best friend (Alice) is pulled into Kristen's dream and sees her being killed.  This somehow allows Freddy access to the dreams of Alice and her friends, even though their families had nothing to do with his death.  (I told you the link was a bit more tenuous in this film.)

This is also the movie where the series turns into Freddy's show.  Sure, we still cheer for the victims to survive, but Freddy is absolutely the star of the show.  He has more lines.  More jokes.  More personality.  It gets pretty cheesy, but it's still enjoyable.

At this point in the series, even when Freddy is defeated, we don't really believe he is defeated.  As he says at the end of this movie: "I am eternal."

Rating: 4/5

Final question: the guy in the middle.  He's definitely what the creators of Buffy were going for when they were trying to find a look for Angel, right?

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