Saturday, October 6, 2012

What I'm Watching: 10/5/12 - Part II

The description from Netflix:
A small-town disc jockey and an embittered Texas Ranger team up to put an end to the murderous affairs of the Sawyer family in this sequel to the cult favorite.  The ranger, whose son was killed in the first movie, is determined to get revenge, and the DJ has a tape that may be vital to his search.  The pair follows the killers' trail to a slaughterhouse underneath an abandoned amusement park, which has become the Sawyer family hideout.

Notable actors: Dennis Hopper, Bill Moseley

My thoughts:
One point of contention with the Netflix description: The Texas Ranger ("Lefty") was the uncle of the Hardestys, not their father.
I had never seen this before, and I honestly didn't even know much about it.  It was definitely different from the original.  Much goofier, while still being really gory and pretty unsettling.  There were parts that drug on for too long, but, overall, I really liked it.
Also, we got an all-time great final girl in Stretch.  Sure, she made a handful of dumb decisions, but she went through a lot of torture, and a lot of messed up stuff (like wearing her friend's face), and she came out on top.  Did she lose her mind a bit at the end?  Probably.  But she fought hard and she survived, and that's what makes a good final girl.

Rating: 4/5

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