Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Invisible Man

Description from Netflix:
Scientist Jack Griffin terrorizes the British village of Ipping in this classic horror film.  After a drug experiment gone awry, griffin becomes invisible and must hide out in the local inn, his face completely bandaged.  By the time Griffin confides in friends Dr. Kemp & Flora, it's too late -- the drug has turned him into a homicidal maniac who must be hunted down.

Notable actors: Henry Travers, Gloria Stuart, Claude Rains

My thoughts:
Honestly, I didn't read the description before I watched it, so I was unprepared for what happened in this movie.  I assumed it would start with an experiment gone wrong, but I thought the rest of the movie would be him dealing with the consequences.
That wasn't the case at all.
He started the movie as an invisible man, and he was pretty happy about it.  He basically acted like an ass for the entire movie.  Throwing things around the room.  Dancing around without a head.  Strangling people willy-nilly.  And so on.

He wanted to sell his formula to the highest bidder, allowing a country to build an army of invisible soldiers.  He was, in a word, crazy.

This was a strange, campy movie.  And I loved it.

Rating: 4/5

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